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The Innovation to Increase Sales

Money is money. But innovation is the real key to establishing a successful strategic alliance with a business lender.  From an industry ONLY prequalification system to fully integrated financial services web pages for your site…we deliver.  Creativity, innovation, experience and our ability to provide options are strengths that we think make a difference in your bottom line.


Payments are the undisputed key to selling more because they make your equipment easier to pay for. But only 9% of commercial equipment sales teams lead with a payment.

SecureLink automates the process for you!

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What Salespeople Say

What Customers Do

“My customers never ask for payments and they only pay cash”

73% will not proactively bring up their need for payments.

“Offering payments makes me feel uncomfortable…even pushy.”

Reps that lead with a payment are 600% more likely to close business over reps that don’t lead with a payment.

“I’m happy to offer payments after my customers mention it.”

Customers are 48% more likely to go with a less preferred brand if that provider offers payments up front.

SLS can help!

Financial Solutions

We offer equipment manufacturers and sellers unparalleled support with point-of-purchase financial products addressing the needs of a wide variety of business needs. Competitive rates, flexible payment plans and fast credit decisions are benefits we deliver to ensure you can satisfy the unique requirements and expectations of your customers.

Unparalleled Support

Just as important, we’ve built a reputation over the years for providing the attentive, personal service that makes working with us a positive as well as profitable experience for equipment sellers. Whether it’s getting a fast payment, a quick response to any question, a credit decision in as little as one business day or assistance in upgrading equipment, we will help to keep your customers on the cutting edge of their specific business. If it helps grow your business, we’ll do our best to assist.

At SLS, we help manufacturers, dealers and vendors lead with a payment.

But we help you do more than that. Our programs deliver on the promise of affordability, ease of doing business and personal touch. You could say we just keep things uncomplicated. If you’d like to start leading with payments, let’s talk.