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Programs for Equipment Finance Brokers

Whether it’s an industry that is out of favor with lenders or a customer that has been through challenging times, just because they have a story, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve consideration.  We also offer the industry’s ONLY prequalification system (TEST DRIVE HERE). This allows you to help your customers with a higher degree of confidence at terms that are risk rated.

What we do is more than business lending, it’s investing in the success of your customers. Let us help you expand your funding arsenal for credit-worthy applicants who simply don’t fit many traditional underwriting molds.  Consider our funding options for the following credit backgrounds…among others:

Funding Programs for a Wider Variety of Customer Needs

B/C Credits

These are good companies that have overcome challenging credit circumstances & need business capital to move forward–faster.

Working Capital Funding

We provide working capital funding with longer terms & lower rates for those who qualify.

Commercial Vocational Vehicle Financing

For all credit backgrounds: Our wealth of experience in this sector makes us a great choice when seeking funding for harder-to-place commercial vocational vehicle borrowers. We offer broad finance options for your customers who depend on titled vehicles.

Commercial Credits

Many lenders limit credit exposure for enterprises that have experienced credit hurdles. Perhaps we can help with funding that increases limits for enhanced commercial lending underwriting of the story credit opportunity.


When you’re working with prospects who are seeking expanded options for funding, our products are the smart way to help you professionally and efficiently assist your customers.

  • Application-only and limited financial information programs

  • Straightforward credit policies

  • Terms up to 60 months

  • Fast, professional service

  • New & Used equipment

  • Support in all economic climates

  • Long-term, not just transactional, broker relationships

  • Funding for newer businesses

  • Risk-based pricing and timely funding


Thanks to our flexible, open-minded approach, we can look beyond financial statements to define good credit risks, and then do everything possible to make each transaction work. We ask an important, yet simple question that guides our credit analysis: Does this request make good business sense for all parties involved?